Luxury Clock

About me

Carpenter for 30 years

I have been a carpenter for 30 years and 5 generations. I am Italian and I have been living in San Marino for 10 years.
I got experience in woodworking in both small workshops and customised furniture industries.

orologi in legno Matteo Tani

Clocks made of fine top-quality wood.

Bamboo Wood, Doussie Wood, Ash tree, Mahogany, Walnut e Wengé Wood

Luxury Clock

Realization: naturally handcrafted and with no treatment applied.

Orologi fatti a mano in legno
Orologi in legno artigianali

Wooden clocks and objects

Clocks made of fine top-quality wood

Luxury Clock

Clocks are individually built and calibrated
Each watch is built with about 150 pieces.

Orologi fatti a mano

Totally made of wood with about 150 components.